School Age

School Age Room (4+ years)

Our School Age Room is licensed for 15 School Agers who require 1 qualified Educator.

All allergies and food/drink preferences are posted in the program and in the kitchen. We follow the Emergent Curriculum which follows the children’s leads. We take something that they have shown an interest in and expand on that knowledge and learning through conversation, experiments and activities focused on that topic. Our consistent routines give the children a sense of predictability so they are comfortable with the day and transitions. All School Agers are involved in the program and love putting in their ideas. The School Agers are offered choices of activities. The children go outside at the end of the day for After School Program and twice a day during full days. We offer care during March Break, PA Days and all Summer. During the Summer there are fieldtrips planned for these children to experience other surroundings and learn about the city of Thunder Bay and all of the surrounding area.

School Age Entrance:

School Age Room View 1:

School Age Room View 2:

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313 Grenville Ave, Thunder Bay, Ontario

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Hours of Operation

We are open and available from 7:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday.